· By Jonathan Berhani

What can you do to make your bathroom more sustainable!

Everybody prefers their bathroom clean! But not everybody keeps their bathroom green.. Natural toothpaste tablets are not the only sustainable swap your bathroom desires. This blog will give you enough handy tips and information for a clean ánd green bathroom! 

Water usage 

Going to the toilet is just not so sustainable..  On average one flush alone takes like 5-10 liters of water. There are some ways to save some water there, for instance by putting a water savings device in your toilet cistern. This could save a lot of water annually! And let's think about taking a shower, every minute you use around 10L of whilst in the shower, if you shorten your shower time from 10 to 2 minutes you could save almost 30.000 liters annually! That is almost enough to fill a small size pool, a simple change in your daily routine, but with high impact. That is the change we want to see. 

Enough about the water, let's talk paper! The evidence is clear that almost all the toilet paper you buy in supermarkets or drugstores have this horrible unnecessary plastic packaging. But did you know that a lot of toilet paper has been infused and treated with chemicals such as bleach or artificial scents and colourings. Therefore a greener option would be to buy eco toilet paper! Not packaged in plastic and free from all these unnecessary chemicals! Lucky enough these eco toilet paper brands are infusing in Dutch stores! 

Check out this cool toilet paper brand: https://thegoodroll.com/en/about

Body soap and hair products

In the early days of soap products, we had a lot of dry soap products such as bars and powders. But nowadays a lot of soap products, for example shampoo and shower gels, are packaged in plastic bottles and filled with unnecessary water and harsh chemicals. These bottles often are made with different kinds of plastics, or micro plastics. It is similar to the toothpaste industry. Where the packaging is also almost impossible to recycle.. So in this case I would like to advise you to go back to the beginning! And start buying dry soap products, sometimes unpacked, or packed in paper! Adding this to your natural toothpaste tablets from Happy Tabs, and your bathroom is a lot more sustainable than it used to be!

We have a name companion who sells all kinds of lovely soaps! Check them out: https://thehappysoaps.com/ons-verhaal/ 

Dental care

Well this is obviously not unknown territory for us at Happy Tabs! We envision a world where there is no plastic being used in dental care products. Especially since the plastic products being used now in the dental industry are also extremely hard to recycle. But our Natural toothpaste tablets aren’t the only plastic free dental care swaps! You can also use sustainable floss packaged in a small (and cute) glass container. And of course do not forget the bamboo toothbrushes! We at Happy Tabs are very happy to announce that we will be launching our own toothbrushes and floss in the coming months. Together with our natural toothpaste tablets you will have the perfect combination of plastic free dental care! 


What else can you do?

Well luckily nowadays there are endless possibilities to make your bathroom products more sustainable. Here are some listed:

  • Washable cotton pads, these pads are made for reusing! This way you can use them an endless amount of time instead of throwing them away after a single use. 
  • Reusable cotton swab, similar to the pads, you can wash it easily after use! Still feel like one-using swabs? Try bamboo cotton swabs!

Of course there are more things you can do! Especially when it comes to saving water, try to shower for a maximum of two minutes, and don’t leave the water running for no specific reason! 

Have any other awesome sustainable bathroom tips? Let us know in the comments!