Frequently Asked Questions

Toothpaste tablets are a convenient and eco-friendly alternative to traditional toothpaste. They are solid tablets that contain the necessary ingredients for oral hygiene, including fluoride, to effectively clean and protect your teeth and gums. They are formulated without water, microplastics, and packaged in eco-friendly alternatives. If you prefer a fluoride free option, we also have toothpaste tablets without fluoride. 

To use toothpaste tablets, simply pop one tablet into your mouth, chew it briefly to create a paste-like consistency, and then brush your teeth with a wet toothbrush. The tablet will dissolve, releasing the cleansing and freshening agents as you brush.

Yes, toothpaste tablets are safe for your teeth. They contain the same active ingredients found in traditional toothpaste, such as fluoride for cavity protection and other essential components for maintaining oral health.

If you're looking for a fluoride free option, we also have toothpaste tablets without fluoride. Dentists recommend using fluoride, though. If you're considering brushing without fluoride, make sure to discuss this with your dentist for personal advice. 

Our toothpaste tablets are not specifically formulated for sensitive teeth. However, we don't use abrasive ingredients in our tablets and have paid special attention to the dissolvability of the tabs to make sure there's no unneccessary griddiness. If you have particularly sensitive teeth we recommend using specifically formulated products. Make sure you discuss your needs with your dentist. 

Definitely, our toothpaste tablets are a great eco-friendly alternative. They are waterless, so there's no unnecessary water waste. They are also microplastic free, so no health hazards and safe for sealife and our planet.

They come in plastic-free packaging, reducing a lot of waste compared to traditional plastic toothpaste tubes. All of our packaging is either zero waste, recyclable or compostable. Additionally, they have no harsh chemicals and preservatives, making them a more sustainable choice.

Toothpaste tablets are generally safe for children to use, but it's essential to  consult with a dentist to ensure they are appropriate for your child's age and oral health needs. Young children might need guidance when brushing their teeth. We recommend always guiding children younger than 6 years old!

Yes, our toothpaste tablets are designed to freshen your breath while cleaning your teeth. They contain natural mint to leave your mouth feeling clean and refreshed.

Absolutely! Toothpaste tablets are an excellent option for travel. Their compact size and solid form make them convenient to carry without the risk of spillage or exceeding liquid restrictions.

Yes, toothpaste tablets can be used with electric toothbrushes. Simply place the tablet in your mouth, chew it briefly, and then brush your teeth with your electric toothbrush as usual.

Yes, toothpaste tablets with fluoride offer enhanced cavity protection. Fluoride is a key ingredient that strengthens tooth enamel, making it more resistant to decay and acid attacks from bacteria. Using fluoride toothpaste tablets as part of your oral care routine can help prevent cavities.

Fluoride-free toothpaste tablets can still be effective for dental health, but they may not provide the same level of cavity protection as those containing fluoride. However, they can still help clean and freshen your teeth, and they may be a suitable option for those who prefer to avoid fluoride.

Our charcoal toothpaste tablets are formulated with activated charcoal, which has absorbent properties. When you brush your teeth with charcoal toothpaste tablets, the activated charcoal binds to stains and toxins on the tooth surface, helping to remove them and leaving your teeth looking brighter. Note that there are no whitening agens in our formulations (dying the teeth to a whiter shade). Our charcoal tabs work by eliminating surface stains that might've built up from using coffee, tea and food that causes discoloration.  

Charcoal toothpaste tablets are generally safe for daily use. However, due to their abrasive nature, it's advisable to use them in moderation and follow the manufacturer's instructions. Excessive use of charcoal toothpaste tablets may potentially wear down tooth enamel over time.

Yes, it is possible to use both fluoride and charcoal toothpaste tablets. You can alternate between them based on your personal preference and oral care needs. Using fluoride toothpaste tablets ensures cavity protection, while using charcoal toothpaste tablets may help with stain removal and teeth whitening.

Mouthwash tablets are solid, dissolvable tablets that contain ingredients typically found in liquid mouthwash. They are designed to provide oral care benefits such as freshening breath, killing bacteria, and promoting gum health. They are waterless, microplastic free and sustainably packaged, making them a great eco-friendly alternative for traditional mouthwash.

Mouthwash tablets work by dissolving in water to create a liquid mouthwash solution. Once dissolved, they release the active ingredients that help kill bacteria, freshen breath, and maintain oral hygiene. 

To use mouthwash tablets, simply drop one tablet into a glass of water. Allow it to fully dissolve, then swish the solution around in your mouth for the recommended duration as specified on the product packaging, and then spit it out.

Yes, mouthwash tablets can serve as a convenient and portable alternative to liquid mouthwash. They offer similar oral care benefits while being easier to travel with and more eco-friendly due to reduced (packaging) waste.

Yes, mouthwash tablets are formulated to freshen breath effectively. They contain ingredients like mint that leave your mouth feeling clean and refreshed.

Mouthwash tablets provide similar benefits as traditional liquid mouthwash. They help kill bacteria, reduce plaque, freshen breath, and promote oral hygiene.

Mouthwash tablets are considered more eco-friendly compared to liquid mouthwash. They come in minimal packaging, reducing plastic waste. They are also formulated without water, the solid formula saves lots of unnecessary water usage. Additionally, their compact size and weight make them more sustainable during transportation.

No, mouthwash tablets are not meant to be swallowed. After swishing the dissolved solution in your mouth for the recommended time, it should be spit out. Swallowing mouthwash tablets can lead to an excessive intake of active ingredients, which may not be safe.

Our mouthwash tablets do not contain alcohol.

Mouthwash tablets may not be suitable for young children who may have difficulty spitting out the solution properly. It's best to consult with a dentist to determine if mouthwash tablets are appropriate for your child's age and oral health needs. Always guide children under 6 years old.

Yes, our mouthwash tablets can contribute to gum health. They contain antibacterial agents that help reduce plaque and gingivitis-causing bacteria, promoting healthier gums when used as part of a regular oral care routine.

The recommended dissolving time is around a minute. Let it dissolve fully in around 20ml of water before using.

A bamboo toothbrush with replaceable heads is an eco-friendly oral care product. It consists of a sustainable bamboo handle and detachable brush heads that can be replaced without discarding the entire toothbrush.

Bamboo toothbrushes with replaceable heads are environmentally friendly because they reduce plastic waste. The bamboo handle is biodegradable, and by replacing only the brush head, you minimize the amount of plastic that ends up in landfills or oceans.

Yes, bamboo toothbrushes with replaceable heads are just as effective as traditional toothbrushes. The replaceable brush heads often feature high-quality bristles that effectively clean your teeth and gums, providing the same level of oral hygiene.

It is recommended to replace the brush head on a bamboo toothbrush at least every three months, or as advised by dental professionals. This ensures optimal brushing performance and maintains good oral hygiene.

Yes, the bamboo part of the brush heads are biodegradable and compostable. It can be disposed of in compost or recycling facilities that accept bamboo products. However, before recycling the bamboo handle, it's important to remove the brush head bristles. They are made of nylon, a non-biodegradable materials, which are not suitable for composting.

To properly dispose of the brush head, you should pull out the bristles. This can be done by firmly gripping the bristles with pliers and gently pulling them out. Check with local recycling facilities to find the closest place for specialized recycling to dispose of the bristles.

Tip! The best way to reduce the environmental impact is by upcycling the brush heads! They are great for cleaning hard to reach surfaces, for example. 

Yes, however, our bamboo toothbrushes with replaceable heads are not specifically designed for children. The brush head might be too large for your child. If that's not a problem, opt for the soft bristle variant as the hard bristles might be too rough for children. 

Yes, bamboo toothbrushes with replaceable heads are hygienic. It's essential to rinse and dry the brush head properly after each use. Additionally, replacing the brush head regularly (at least every three months) helps maintain oral hygiene and prevent bacterial growth.

Yes, our bamboo toothbrushes with replaceable heads come in different bristle strengths: soft, and medium. Choose the bristle strength that best suits your preference and dental recommendations.

Yes, the bamboo handle of a toothbrush with replaceable heads is biodegradable and compostable. It can be disposed of in compost or recycling facilities that accept bamboo products.

Yes, our bamboo toothbrushes with replaceable heads are suitable for vegans. They are made from sustainably sourced bamboo and synthetic bristles instead of animal-derived materials.

Bamboo toothbrushes with replaceable heads may have a slightly higher upfront cost compared to traditional plastic toothbrushes. However, considering the cost of replacing an entire toothbrush each time, they are more cost-effective in the long run.

The biodegradable floss is made from sustainable biodegradable PLA and help reduce the environmental impact associated with traditional plastic floss.

The biodegradable floss refill works by providing a fresh roll of biodegradable dental floss that can be used with the biodegradable floss dispenser. Simply insert the refill into the dispenser, and it will feed through the built-in cutter or dispenser mechanism for easy access and use.

The biodegradable floss refill is primarily designed for use with our floss dispenser. While it may be possible to use the refill with other compatible floss dispensers, it is recommended to check the compatibility or contact us for guidance to ensure proper functionality.

Yes, the biodegradable floss is generally suitable for individuals with sensitive gums. The floss is typically gentle on the gums and glides smoothly between teeth, minimizing irritation. However, individual sensitivities may vary, so it's always advisable to consult with your dentist or oral care professional if you have specific concerns.

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