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How do I use your toothpaste tablets?

What are the toothpaste tablet ingredients?

Do these tablets contain fluoride?

How many tablets are in the bottle?

How are your products different?

Are your products tested on animals?

Are Happy Tabs safe for pets?

What is the difference between Fresh Mint & Charcoal

My Happy Tabs Look Fuzzy, is this normal ?


Do you offer free shipping?

Where will my order ship from and how long will it take for my order to arrive?

I reached out via email or social media but haven't received a response in over 2 business days! What is happening?

Refunds & Returns

Can I make changes to or cancel my order?

What is your Return and Refund Policy?

What do I do if something arrives broken or damaged?

My order stopped tracking but hasn't arrived! What do I do?

Work With Us

Do you have a friend referral program?

Can I collaborate with Happy Tabs as an influencer?

Do you sell to retailers wholesale?

Can I work at Happy Tabs?