Natural Toothpaste Tablets!

Made with all-natural, vegan ingredients and 100% plastic-free! No filler ingredients: Only naturally derived high quality ingredients that fight caries and plaque.

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Easy as Crush & Brush

Happy tabs are  really easy and clean to use! Crush the toothpaste tablet between your teeth and brush with a wet toothbrush. It it will start to foam just like your used to! 

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New School Happy Tabs vs Old school Plastics

Billions of toothpaste tubes end up on landfills and in oceans every year. It’s time for a change. We’re going to reduce plastic waste.

Creating natural toothpaste tablets to substitute the chemical toothpastes, delivered to you in a glass jar. Join our movement!

We use minimal packaging, only the necessary. All our packaging is free from plastic and we only use reusable and recyclable materials.

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