About us

Why Happy Tabs is here
Annually, over 1 billion plastic toothpaste tubes, toothbrushes, floss and mouthwash bottles end in landfills and oceans. Let alone all the unnecessary water usage. On top of that, most conventional toothpastes are filled with unnecessary heavy chemicals, fillers and artificial fragrances, dyes, and sweeteners.

So in 2019, we started Happy Tabs with three goals in mind:
  1. Create effective, natural oral care products.
  2. Reduce (plastic) waste from oral care products.
  3. Give back to the planet and the people.

How we do it
Enabling consumers to make more sustainable choices in terms of oral care and plastic waste reduction. Great things can be accomplished by setting small steps, you know? As a collective, we can make big leaps. That's why we also offer eco-friendly toothbrush products. Happy Tabs for a complete environmental approach to Oral Care!

  • Sustainable ingredients. Waterless, if possible. Always free from harsh chemicals. Always of high quality. No animal products and naturally, never tested on animals. The only guinea pig we use is ourselves, family and friends (no worries, all voluntarily!).

  • Sustainable materials. We think the most sustainable option is zero waste (like our jars with tablets). Some products need some extra protection against handling, moisture, and for practical reasons (like suitability for physical stores), so they need some packaging. In these cases, we opt for FSC-certified, recyclable or even compostable packaging.

  • Formulated with expertise. All our formulations are unique in the market and made with lots of care. We benefit from the expertise of dentists, oral care hygienists, and researchers to ensure effective dental care products. Our formulations have been tested and approved by multiple labs.

  • Formulated with care. A lot of time and effort also goes into the user experience, as one of the biggest hurdles for people to switch to eco friendly dental care is simply that they are put off by the taste, texture, foaming capacity, or quality. As we live and learn and the industry develops, we continuously improve our formulations to offer consumers the most enjoyable experience.

  • Supporting environmental and social projects. Even though we're making eco friendly products, we're still making, packaging and shipping products. Doing this without any carbon emission or water pollution is just not possible. However, it's important to us that we neutralise our emissions. So for every order you place with us, we donate the costs of offsetting our emissions to amazing projects that have proven impact. We do this in partnership with EcoCart. Check out our homepage to see which project donations go to this month. In addition, we support other initiatives as well. In 2020 and 2021 we donated 5% of profits to The Ocean Cleanup and The Healthy Teeth Foundation, for example!

Where we're going
As of 2023, we're so happy we're able to say that together we have saved tens of thousands plastic toothpaste tubes, toothbrushes, and floss from ending in landfills and oceans. We keep looking for ways to improve our eco-friendly toothbrush products, expand to other eco-friendly dental care alternatives and reach more people.

Hopefully, a year from now we can say that we have saved much more waste. It looks like we're getting there :) Join us in our mission!