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How You are Supporting the Healthy Teeth Foundation With Us!

You brush, We Donate!

At Happy Tabs, we care a lot about 3 things: Happy smiles, Reducing waste and worldwide oral health care. 

We believe in a world where we give back to the less fortunate among us. By purchasing Happy Tabs toothpaste tablets  you are directly supporting under privileged kids that wish to go to school without toothache.

This is why we donate 5% of our profits to environmental sustainability and social causes that benefit both people and the planet.

The healthy teeth foundation

Alice Grasveld is the founder of The Healthy Teeth Foundation, she founded the non-profit back in 2018. Alice has a background as a dental hygienist, a medical anthropologist and an action researcher. She works as a researcher at the Amsterdam Academic Centre for Dentistry. 


Happy Tabs toothpaste tablets giving back

We are supporting Alice and her organization because we too, want to see a world where everybody can truly smile in the same language. The Healthy Teeth Foundations is committed to their dream that every child on earth goes to school. Unfortunately, 50% - to - 80% of children in the slums in Africa and Asia suffer from tooth decay. Toothache is one of the main reasons for children to drop out of school and lose self-esteem. This is, of course, disastrous for their future. As Nelson Mandela rightfully stated: ‘’Education is the only way to escape the poverty trap’’.

Everybody smiles in the same language

The Healthy Teeth Foundation has four main objectives:

(1) To address tooth decay in underprivileged, school going children, at home and abroad, in deprived areas and slums, by simple means and in a way fitting the local context.

(2) To improve oral health for these vulnerable children.

(3) To prevent toothache among these children and so reduce school absenteeism.

(4) To improve these children’s general health, quality of life, education, self-esteem, and in doing so improving their future.

 Lets support Allice with The Healthy Teeth Foundation, you brush we donate !