· door Jonathan Berhani

How to Brush Your Teeth Natural and Plastic-Free

Did you know that we have been brushing with regular toothpaste tubes for over a century? Annually more than a billion toothpaste tubes end up in landfill, incendiaries and oceans. As you can imagine this creates massive amounts of plastic waste which is devastating for our planet.

plastic free toothpaste tablets

Lets crush plastic together by swapping conventional plastic toothpaste tubes for plastic free alternatives with natural ingredients! If we all make small changes in our daily routines we can make a huge impact together, for ourselves and for the planet!  

Happy tabs natural toothpaste tablets is your solution for a more sustainable and healthy daily oral care routine. Our toothpaste tablets contains only high quality natural and natural derived ingredients that fight caries and plaque. Happy Tabs toothpaste tablets are available in fluoride and fluoride free versions. One Happy Tabs jar contains approximately 80 toothpaste tablets and will last you approximately 1.5 months in usage.

Our toothpaste tablets are packaged in refillable glass jars, which you can re-use and up-cycle. Our refill packs will be coming soon, these are made of 90% recycled carton. In the near future you can unload your refill toothpaste tablets in your original Happy Tabs glass jar.

Our Happy Tabs toothpaste tablets are really easy to use, and lets not forget its a fun and a responsible way to brush your teeth with! All you need is a wet toothbrush! It's just like toothpaste, but without the waste! All it takes are just 3 easy steps:

(1) Crush the toothpaste tablet between your teeth

(2) Brush with a wet toothbrush and the toothpaste tablet will start to foam up!

(3) Enjoy your clean teeth and fresh minty breath

Besides, toothpaste tubes, another oral care products that fills up landfills, oceans and incendiaries are toothbrushes. There are 7 billion people on planet earth and 99% of all tooth brushes are still made from conventional plastics. If you really want to discover your inner-eco warrior you could also swap your conventional plastic toothbrush for more sustainable options such as bamboo brushes.  Did you know that bamboo is on of the most sustainable crops in the world? Bamboo has the ability to grow at a very fast rate and requires very little fertilizers. Once bamboo is cut, it will re-generate itself from the roots up!

Now-a-days there are many bamboo toothbrush brands to choose from. Just make sure you double check whether the bristles are made from plant-based materials rather than conventional plastics.

As a starter to the plastic free movement, going plastic free by swapping toothpaste tubes for toothpaste tablets and plastic toothbrushes for bamboo brushes is a great start to your plastic free adventure