· By Jonathan Berhani

Happy Tabs Toothpaste Tablets - Refill & Break The Plastic Cycle

Finally, the wait is over!

Yaay! Without further ado, we present to you (drum-roll) our Happy Tabs toothpaste tablet refill packs. You can now refill your glass jars with our greener and cleaner refill packs!

The Refill Box

Happy Tabs Refill - toothpaste tablets

Our Happy Tabs Refill outer packaging is made of carton, and we have designed it in such a way that the brand is easily recognizable in terms of branding. After emptying the box, you can easily recycle, since you can throw away your carton in the paper bin together with your newspapers.

Biodegradable seal bag (inside carton)
Happy Tabs Refill toothpaste tablets
In order to protect Happy Tabs toothpaste tablets against moisture, we have chosen the greenest solution possible. A biodegradable cellulose bag, which is heat-sealed in order to keep moisture out.

Our inner seal bags are made from cellulose film, which is derived from renewable wood pulp. So it's basically made from a plant's cell wall, which is made from renewable plant material to eventually produce the cellulose bag.

In contrast to crude oil-based plastics, our cellulose bags are compostable (certified with OK-compost) . After the product life cycle, the cellulose film (also known as cellophane) will eventually biodegrade producing compost, co2 and h20.

We source our biodegradable cellulose from a European supplier and are made in the EU as well. After using the cellulose film is approved - OK compost Home Standard-, which will start breaking down in a few weeks depending on the temperature. 90% of the bag should biodegrade within 6 months after being added to the compost pile. With industrial composting the bag will biodegrade within 45 days of entering the industrial compost facility. So basically home composting at lower temperatures takes a little bit more time, but still vastly superior to fossil fuel based plastics!

Break the Cycle with Happy Tabs toothpaste tablet Subscription

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