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Happy Tabs toothpaste tablets: Founders Introduction

Happy Tabs toothpaste tablets: Founders Introduction 

We are Jonathan and Annejan, the co-founders of Happy Tabs Toothpaste Tablets. Just over a year ago, we launched our brand to offer an eco-friendly alternative to traditional toothpaste tubes, which are almost exclusively made of plastic packaging that's hard to recycle.

tube vs Happy Tabs toothpaste tablets

Walking through the supermarket and drugstore aisles, it was astonishing to see the massive amount of plastic used in packaging, with almost every product packaged in plastic and subsequently the plastic packaged in cartons - it's over-packaging! And when it comes to toothpaste tubes, they're particularly difficult to recycle because they're made of different materials that require different post-consumer processes.

 Plastic-free toothpaste tablts

It's time for green innovation in the oral care industry! We've seen innovations in toothbrushes and medical oral care treatments, but barely any in green clean alternatives to conventional plastic toothpaste tubes. That's why we created Happy Tabs Toothpaste Tablets, which are now available in over 120 stores worldwide and available for international shipping.

Happy Tabs toothpaste tablets

Thank you for joining us in the plastic-free movement by choosing Happy Tabs Toothpaste Tablets. As a token of our appreciation, we'd love to support you on your zero-waste journey by providing you with a FREE Bamboo toothbrush. Use the code FREE-Brush at checkout.

Happy brushing !