· door Jonathan Berhani

Delivering toothpaste tablets to your frontdoor & a reduction in CO2 Emission

How we deliver Happy Tabs toothpaste tablets to your front door!


We believe that a company should not only talk the walk but walk the walk! Running any company requires some energy, electricity, gas, packaging etc. We believe that a brand should not only sell sustainable products but should also integrate sustainability into its operational business practices. 

Are you curious how we try to minimize our environmental impact while delivering your Happy Tabs toothpaste tablets to your front door? Let us walk you through some of our operational activities!

Delivering Your Happy Tabs toothpaste tablets. 

Are you curious about what we do to reduce our plastic and carbon footprint whilst running toothpaste tablet company? Well, we got good news! Starting in October 2020 we initiated a partnership with Bike Couriers (Fietskoeriers in Dutch). 

E-commerce has been growing for the last decade and the recent Covid pandemic caused an extra surge in online shopping. As you can imagine, this causes an increase in terms of logistics vehicles zig-zagging through city centers to get your Happy Tabs toothpaste tablets delivered to your front door. We wanted to actively seek a logistics partner in The Netherlands that actually wants to innovate in order to realise reductions in carbon emissions whilst delivering your toothpaste tablets on time! :)

Wel tada! We are proud to announce that the Dutch logistics partner Fietskoeriers (Bike Couriers) will be our new logistics partner for all retail and consumer orders deliveries in the Netherlands. Fietskoeriers aims to reduce carbon emissions and clogged traffic in major Dutch city centers. They integrate a combination of green gas-powered vehicles and bike couriers in their logistics network in order to realise a 60% average reduction in co2 emissions from pickup to delivery address.

Fietskoeriers is reaching this by setting up strategically located distribution facilities in between cities. The idea basically entails using gas-powered vehicles to cover the long distances in between cities and logistics centers, thereafter the biker couriers take on the remainder of the route into city centers. Fiets koerier network currently has a coverage of 49 major cities in The Netherlands.

Do you know somebody in The Netherlands that owns a e-commerce business, or are are you perhaps the owner of a e-commerce business? You can read more about Fietskoeriers on this link www.fietskoeriers.com. 


No Single use plastics in our operations- ever!